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HWA4500 (Adjustable gain amplifier, VGA)


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HWA4500 (Adjustable gain amplifier, VGA)

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  The HWA4500 series is a next-generation variable gain fiber amplifier that is the most powerful and versatile variable gain fiber amplifier on the market today. It uses the most outstanding optical performance, the most advanced electronic technology, and the most complete software features. Superior transient suppression technology and thermal management control technology enable many complex optical functions to be realized, making it the most versatile multi-functional fiber amplifier on the market today.
  The next generation variable gain fiber amplifier consists of a variable gain preamplifier (PA), and a variable gain power amplifier (BA), a two-stage amplifier. The gain of the two-stage amplifier can be independently set within a certain range. There is an access connector between the two amplifiers, which can be used for Mid-stage Access, such as Optical Add/Drop Multiplex Module (OADM), Dispersion Compensation Module (DCM) and optical modules for other applications.
  The HWA4500 is a version with no intermediate level access (Without Mid-stage Access). The product meets the communication technical requirements of C-Band 44 wave or 88 wave DWDM system, and is widely used in long-distance and ultra-long-distance transmission networks. Due to its full functionality, it can be used as a line amplifier, preamplifier, and power amplifier.
●Next generation variable gain amplifier
●With no intermediate access version
●Committed to various communication technical requirements of C-Band 44 wave or 88 wave DWDM system
● Fully integrated electronic control technology using the latest electronic transient control
● Adopt digital control technology that adapts to thermal management
●Saturation output power is optional 19dBm, 20dBm, 23dBm
●AGC, APC, ACC working mode
●Optional optical monitoring channel OSC Add/Drop
● Carrier-class security and network management functions
●The front panel LCD and LED provide the working parameters and fault alarms of the whole machine.
● Standard RS232 communication interface
● 10/100M Ethernet interface, support SNMP and WEB remote network management
● 1+1 power backup, support hot swap
●Low power consumption
●Excellent performance and price ratio in the industry
1. Long-distance and ultra-long-distance networks between cities
2. Line amplifier, preamplifier, power amplifier
Function, monitoring and alarm


Firmware upgrade

Automatic shutdown

(with power limit) variable gain control mode (VGA)

The working mode of each level can be set independently (when there is intermediate access)

Output Power Control Mode (APC)

Pump Current Control Mode (ACC)

Human eye safety power mode

Non-volatile event log


Total input power

Total output power

Backfire power (reflected light power)

Pump status

Chassis temperature

Call the police

Signal loss alarm

Low output alarm

Chassis temperature alarm

Pump temperature alarm

Pump current alarm

Excessive reflected light power alarm (optional)

Technical indicators

performance index supplement
Min. Type. Max.
Optical properties Operating wavelength range ( λ ) (nm) 1529.16   1563.86 IT IS 88CH
Input optical power range 1) (DB) -35   3 HWA4518 typical value
-35   3 HWA4520 typical value
-40   0 HWA4523 typical
-40   0 HWA4524 typical
Gain range 2) (DB) 13   21.5 G21 typical value
18   30 G30 typical value
twenty three   35 G35 typical value
29   41 G40 typical value
12   26 G25 typical value
Maximum output optical power 3) (dBm)     18.5 HWA4518
    20 HWA4520
    twenty three HWA4523
    twenty four HWA4524
Gain flatness (DB)   0.7 1 Peak-to-peak
Noise Figure (DB)   5 5.9 Max. gain
Polarization dependent loss (DB)     0.3  
Polarization dependent gain (DB)     0.3  
Polarizing film dispersion (ps)     0.3  
Pump light leakage (DB)     -30  
Reflection loss 4) (DB) 40     UPC
Monitoring channel wavelength range (nm) 1500 1510 1520  
Transient characteristics Transient suppression time μs     500  
Transient overshoot (16dB Add/Drop) (DB) -1.5   1  
Transient gain change (16dB Add/Drop) (DB)     0.5  
Passing characteristics Communication Interface   RS232  
SNMP network management interface   RJ45  
powered by (V) 90   265 220VAC
30   72 -48VDC
Power consumption (IN)     25  
Operating temperature (°C) -5   70  
Storage temperature (°C) -40   85  
Working relative humidity (%) 5   95  
Size (W) × (D) × (H) mm 483 × 205 × 44 ( mm )  

Note: 1, 2, 3: These optical properties are a typical application, which can be customized according to customer needs.

4: Optional APC, reflection loss >50dB

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